Free Membership Spots Available

Evolution Health Systems Inc., the company that owns and operates the SSC 7 beta program, donates 5 free access memberships for this program each day. These memberships are given on a first-come, first-serve basis to the first 5 individuals who register with the program. Today’s 5 memberships have already been reached.

However, you are welcome sign up for this program through our partner sites. There are no set quotas on our partner sites, there are no membership fees and you do not have to purchase any products or services. Please choose from the list of our partner sites (see below) to access your free smoking cessation program. Please note, you may already have access to the program through your employee benefits plan. Please check with your HR team to find out if you can access this online quit program through your employer.

If your organization would like to become part of the Stop Smoking Center network, of if you are a researcher who would like to review our program, please contact us and we will arrange log-in access. We have solutions for small, medium and large organizations.



Online Services

Canadian English Programs
Canadian Cancer Society’s Smokers Helpline Online (Ontario Residents):
Habitrol You Can Do It:
NicoDerm Journey to Success:
Thrive to Quit:


Canadian French Programs
Société canadienne du cancer Téléassistance pour fumeurs (Résidents d’Ontario):
Habitrol Vous le pouvez:
Nicoderm votre route vers les Succès:
Thrive pour cesser:


Need more Information?

If you’d like more information on SSC 7.0, or our other eHealth programs, please Contact Us.

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